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National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB)

The Bangladesh Bank has introduced National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB) in order to facilitate interbank electronic payments originating from different channels like Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Point of Sales (POS), Internet, Mobile Devices etc. The main objective of NPSB is to create a common electronic platform for the switches in Bangladesh. NPSB is a mother switch of of all other switches in the country. NPSB will facilitate the expansion of the card based payment networks substantially and promote e-commerce throughout the country. Online payment of Government dues, using cards and account number information through Internet will greatly be enhanced using NPSB. Payment Systems Department (PSD) is concerned to operate and settle the transactions regularly. NPSB was launched as "go-live" on December 27, 2012 to route ATM transactions. At present, transactions among 19 banks are being routed through NPSB. A view of historic transactions through NPSB is given below:

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