Banking Regulation & Policy Department
Bangladesh Bank
Head Office
BRPD Circular No.14
       October 23,  2005
       Kartik  08, 1412

Chief Executive

All Scheduled Banks in Bangladesh

Dear Sir,
Guideline on Information & Communication Technology for Scheduled Banks

You are well aware that in the recent years the banking industry has undergone massive changes in providing service to their customers by using information technology. So it is important to ensure security in IT setup as well as in IT operations and banks must take adequate measures to prevent the information from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure and destruction so that customers' interest is fully protected .  

Considering the above circumstances Bangladesh Bank has taken the initiative to provide the industry with IT guideline of 'minimum' security standards for scheduled banks and financial institutions prepared by focus group with participation from Nationalised Commercial Banks, Private Commercial Banks, Foreign Banks and Bangladesh Bank. This guideline forwarded through CD-ROM will be the base to develop bank's own IT Policy and Security Standards.

Banks are, therefore, advised to follow this Guideline in their IT area and implement all the security standards by May 15, 2006 and submit a compliance report to this department. Bangladesh Bank will also monitor the progress of implementation of these security standards through its on-site inspection teams during routine inspection.


Please acknowledge receipt.

Enclo : 1(one) CD-ROM

                                                                                                Yours faithfully, 
                                                                                                (Naba Gopal Banik)
                                                                                                General Manager
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