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       Foreign remittance is an important part of Bangladesh's economy. One of the pivotal factors of the successes of Bangladesh is the direct and indirect contribution of NRBs. Because of their relentless hard work Bangladesh has become one of the major remittance recipient countries in the world. Bangladesh received its highest-ever annual remittance of about US$14.5bn in the just out fiscal year as expatriate Bangladeshis sent home hard-earned money. The central bank hopes that the remittance inflow will continue to go up in the coming days.

       To acknowledge their contribution, BB recently takes initiatives to collect information of NRBs and maintain them in NRB database. This database will help us to communicate with them and make a communication channel for themselves. For Bangladesh Bank, this database helps to promote and uphold investment information arranged for NRBs by government, proper remittance channel and method, important financial or economic moves of government in which NRBs can participate. Again NRBs can be benefited in some way. They can submit complaint, query or feedback. And also use this database to link between themselves and search other NRBs according to country, profession etc.

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