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Foreign Direct Investment
The basic objective of this statistical survey is to identify the sources through which Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) come into Bangladesh and vice versa and quantify the magnitude of such resource flows. Data on foreign direct investment are collected through enterprise survey.

100% Foreign owned and Joint venture companies incorporated in Bangladesh, branch/unit of foreign companies operating in Bangladesh including banks and financial institutions of EPZ & Non-EPZ area are to be reported half yearly basis (January-June & July-December).
  FDI Survey Form (FORM FI-1)  41 K    52 K
  Form of Bangladeshi Investment Abroad Survey (FORM FI-2)  40 K    50 K
  Instruction for FDI survey
External Debt Management-DMFAS
Bangladesh Bank has been working for quite sometime in collaboration with the Economic Relations Division of the Ministry of Finance to develop a database for private sector external debt under a UNDP funded project entitled "Capacity Building for Management of Foreign Aid in Bangladesh". In order to develop this database, information on foreign loans is collected from the private sector institutions/ enterprises.

The private sector enterprises after getting approval for external borrowing from the Scrutiny Committee, headed by the Governor of Bangladesh Bank, have to submit the loan agreements made between the foreign lenders and the borrowing company. They also have to report the transaction data through the from ED-1 on quarterly basis (January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December).
  Transaction Form of Private Sector External Debt (FORM ED-2)  79 K     117 K
  Summary Report (FORM ED-1)  159 K   139 K
  Instruction for Private Sector External Debt Survey
Portfolio Investment
Portfolio Investment includes cross-border transactions in equity and debt securities (e.g. equity shares, debentures, bonds, treasury bills etc.). To conduct Portfolio Investment (PI) Survey, the questionnaire is designed to collect information on investment in equity and debt securities issued by non-residents and owned by residents in asset side, while the data on investment in equity and debt securities issued by residents and owned by non-residents in liability side. This survey form must be completed by all custodians (Banks) to report their custody holdings (for non-resident clients) of securities issued by resident enterprises, and by all domestic investors (end-investors) who own securities issued by non-resident enterprises. Data are to be reported on calendar year basis.
  Portfolio Investment Survey Form  29 K     51 K
  Instruction for Portfolio Investment Survey

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